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United Auto Workers’ Strikes Nearing End as GM Agrees to Tentative Deal

A Resolution in Sight

After over six weeks of labor strikes, General Motors (GM) has reportedly reached a tentative agreement with the United Auto Workers (UAW), following the path of its counterparts, Ford and Stellantis. This development marks a significant step toward ending a prolonged and contentious labor dispute.

Details of the Tentative Agreement

While specific details of GM’s tentative agreement remain undisclosed, reports suggest that the terms closely resemble those agreed upon by Ford and Stellantis. These terms include 25% wage increases, the reinstatement of COLA (cost of living adjustment) benefits, the implementation of a three-year wage progression to top pay, the conversion of temporary employees to full-time positions, and the elimination of wage tiers, among other benefits. GM refrained from providing a comment on the agreement due to the sensitive nature of the negotiations.

Unique Challenges in GM’s Talks

GM’s negotiations with the UAW reportedly faced unique challenges, such as pension payment obligations and the conversion of temporary workers to full-time positions. However, it appears that these issues have been successfully addressed. The UAW intensified its strikes against GM by calling for a strike at GM’s Spring Hill plant in Tennessee, which assembles several vehicle models and engines.

With a tentative agreement in place at GM, the next steps will involve the UAW’s GM national committee voting on the approval of the agreement before presenting it for a full member vote.

Biden’s Response

President Biden expressed his approval of the agreement, stating, “I think it’s great,” when asked about it on Monday.

Additional Details from Ford and Stellantis

Over the past weekend, more details emerged from Ford’s agreement with the UAW. Ford committed to investing $8.1 billion in U.S. plants, outlining plans for various locations and products. The agreement also granted workers the right to strike over plant closures, a significant milestone according to the union.

Stellantis also reached a tentative deal with the UAW during the weekend, agreeing to reopen a previously closed plant in Belvidere, Illinois. This plant will now produce a new midsize pickup and house a new battery plant.

Tentative Deals in Canada

In a related development, Canada’s Unifor autoworker union announced that it has reached a tentative agreement with Stellantis. This means that all three major automakers in Canada now have tentative labor agreements in place.

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